Press Release
June 19, 2017
“Introduction of Chris Haulmark”

OLATHE, KS — U.S. House of Representatives Candidate Chris Haulmark is turning heads, and not just for the regular reasons. Sure, with his years as a community leader, working in local government and technology expertise he’s qualified and capable, but that’s not what’s catching the hearts and minds across America.

Instead it’s that Chris Haulmark has been deaf since the age of 1, but he’s refusing to let that hold him back. Quite the contrary. He’s turned what many call a disability into a source of inspiration.

Since he was young, he’s understood what it’s like to be different. Rather than let that hinder his hopes and dreams, he’s used that insight to build bridges between communities, starting with the deaf and expanded to countless others.

This has made him an instrument of change. For example, he traveled the globe to meet different deaf communities across the world and learn from them. To share his experiences, he began vlogging as the Deaf Wanderer. Though he started it for his children, many more have become enthusiastic followers. People from all over the country – both the Deaf and the Hearing – have told him he’s inspired them to take the plunge and live a more full life.
Haulmark is proud of what he has done so far, but he knows he can do more. In fact, he believes he is uniquely positioned to do so. How so? The reason is twofold.

On the one hand, due to where he’s worked, he has the experience of dealing with communities and politicians. He plans on using the skills he has acquired to bridge the crumbling gap between Washington and the voters.

On the other hand, due to his unique background, he has the passion and the energy to make a difference. He wants to use that energy to bring positive change to Kansas and Congress.

“There is a disconnect in Washington,” Haulmark says. “In a representative democracy, we elect people who then represent us, but that’s no longer happening.” Haulmark is tired of professional politicians who forget about their voters as soon as the final ballot has been cast.

He has taken a hands-on approach to his campaign and is spearheading the charge personally. His videos of announcement and the brief biography gained nationwide attention and has been viewed over 200,000 times since its debut at the beginning of June. “Many voters are ready to move on, and I am ready to stand up for them and serve this community.”

For more information on Chris Haulmark and his campaign, visit or email to get in touch. He would love to hear from you. No pun intended.

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