The issues, according to Chris Haulmark

There is a disconnect between voters and their elected representatives in Washington. In a representative democracy, we elect representatives to bring our voices to the table and speak for us among our fellow Americans. -. It seems that’s no longer happening. Instead, those we elect to Congress conveniently forget about us the moment the last ballot has been cast, and they listen only to those who corrupt the representative democratic process.

We all know this is true. We know that Congress is beholden to the pockets of special moneyed interests, over the interests of the we, voters. That’s why their job approval rating continues to sink down to 20%. We, the voters are their bosses! Would your boss keep you on the job if you did only 20% of the work?

We need change. We need to clean up the corruption. We need campaign finance reform: a 28th amendment to the Constitution that takes big money’s corruption out of our political system.

That won’t happen if we keep electing the same people- people we don’t even trust! We must inject new blood and better ideas in Congress! We need Chris Haulmark.

Chris Haulmark can restore your trust in government by:

He can restore your trust in government by:

  1. Pursuing a progressive social agenda coupled with a responsible fiscal policy. Yes, we can have both!
  2. Doing what our current congresspersons who can hear seem to be incapable of – listen to their constituents.

Here are the issues that Chris wants to pursue for you:


We all deserve to be healthy. That’s why Chris Haulmark believes universal single-payer healthcare should be a basic right for all Americans. Your medical attention shouldn’t ever depend on the job you hold or the money you have.

The Affordable Care Act (ACA or “Obamacare”) was a step in the right direction. But it still does not guarantee fully affordable coverage for all Americans. It left key provisions to the states to implement, creating a lot of wiggle room for certain states to shortchange their citizens, including Kansans.

For this reason, Chris Haulmark supports a federally-backed single-payer healthcare for all option. Only this way can we be sure that no American has to choose between one’s home and life-saving medical care.

How do we get to single-payer healthcare for all Americans? Two options. We either expand the Affordable Care Act, or we install a “Medicare & Medicaid for all” system. Whatever route we pursue , it is vital that we get there. A single-payer system is the only way we finally overcome this shameful shortcoming of our country.

What’s more, a single-payer option is not only morally right, it is also financially sound. Right now, healthcare costs are spiraling out of control as the US subsidizes unrestricted runaway healthcare costs that the medical industry itself does not regulate. . The best way to reign in these medical costs is to enable our government to set price caps for procedures and prescriptions, just as it works in Canada. So why wouldn’t it work here?

The single-payer option must include dental, vision, psychiatric, mental, and behavioral health care, along with the numerous preventive and primary care treatment options available on the market, including cannabis and complementary & alternative medicine. We also need to expand federally funded programs for training nurses, doctors, and other healthcare specialists who will work in underserved communities that struggle to recruit and train such professionals.

Healthcare cannot be accessible only as an idea.. It must become reality- available to every single person in every single American neighborhood.


An educated, enlightened, and empowered populace is the backbone of today’s modern society. If American workers are going to remain competitive in the 21st century against automation and a changing economy, they must have the skills to do so. This means our schools need to be on the cutting edge, with full access to the resources they so desperately need. We must excel in science, technology, business, and – always- humanities – along with many other skills so vital in the 21st century.

Through a well-rounded education we can:

  1. Improve social mobility.
  2. Rebuild the middle class that has made America such a world-class superpower.
  3. Have the majority of citizens understand government policies and hold their representatives more accountable.

Therefore, the federal government and the states must support quality education accessible for all Americans. It doesn’t matter what a student’s background is, how old one is, or what physical conditions one has. An accessible education works for every single one of us. Let’s make it happen.

Early Childhood Education

To create a level playing field, we must continue to to offer comprehensive programs for early childhood education, including early intervention for those who need remediative treatment while developing their strengths. With a fully-funded and student-specific education, we can lay a good foundation for language, math, and science, as well as boost neurosocial skills and instill a passion of lifelong learning in children.

For many disadvantaged families, a taxpayer-supported early childhood education is vital. It offers a crucial stepping stone to real opportunities for students with special needs. For many children from low-income backgrounds, this early intervention is a student’s only chance to build early access to life-changing books, language, and technologies that are otherwise out of financial reach.

Equally important, these early childhood education programs when combined with geriatric care can serve as vital intergenerational childcare. Not only can our elderly delight in sharing the world with small children towards the end of their lives, the worldly knowledge and love passed from the old to the young is priceless beyond any measure. This combination gives such families space to find employment, create thriving humane-businesses and pursue the American dream with full support of those who came before us.


All children should have access to high-quality primary and secondary public education. The fact we actually need to declare this in the 21st century insane.. And yet, Kansa’s situation is such that schools even a few miles apart may well be in different underdeveloped countries.

That status quo must change. Underperforming schools need targeted resource-based investment in personnel, funding, and technology. They also need specialized programs to let high-performing students further their education in their talented fields, no matter their socioeconomic background.

But that status quo change isn’t enough. The performance gap can’t be filled with gadgets and dollars alone. It’s also a matter of culture. For that reason, schools that are struggling need to team up with schools that are ahead of the curve. This will allow for a transferal of norms, values, and skills that will ultimately pull these weaker schools up to greater standards.

Teachers are busy building the future of our nation every day. These overworked, overstressed, underpaid, and overburdened folks are doing one of most important jobs out there. They are teaching our children.

Teacher salaries should reflect their vital contribution.. Only then will more of the brighter minds of today’s generation take up more responsibility and have freedom to raise the next generation.

The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) shouldn’t just be protected; it should also expanded to include equitable funding for the many diagnoses that crop up every year. ow can we even talk about equality when so many of us disabled folks must start on an uneven playing field not fully supported through IDEA taxpayer funds?


For the first generation in American history, our society owes more in student debt than any consumer debt, so because higher education has become expensive, many promising young people opt out. Those that do go are burdened with such massive debts when or if they graduate, they are in debt slavery for numerous decades, unable to contribute to the other drivers of the American Economy.

That status quo must change. Now. For our country to flourish in these times, we need educated well-trained skilled innovative young people with the right focus in building our country. That means they aren’t just limited in the size of their bank accounts after crushing debt payments garnishing their wages. Our college graduates also want to care, create, and contribute to our society and its economy.

Thus, post-secondary education should not be out of anyone’s reach.

The federal government and the states must boost education subsidies to the point of fully-taxpayer funded education, just as Europe does. We must offer more support for state universities, as well as quality trade and associate degree programs from local community colleges. This combination of special market-demand training and debt-free education is how we can offer meaningful, affordable access to those capable of attending higher education, no matter what their background.

We must expand the Pell Grant program. This is one way, we can provide a free higher-education for low-income students. Additionally, we need to address the systemic problems in the federal student loan programs that burdens today’s students.

For example:

  1. Interest rates on government-backed loans should be pegged to the prime interest rate.
  2. We must also rewrite the terms of private loans to allow them to be discharged in bankruptcy.

The choice for young Americans should not be between certain working-poverty or a lifetime of crippling loans. That hasn’t helped them, or our country for that matter. Fully-taxpayer-funded higher education for all.


Infrastructure is everywhere in Kansas. It brings electricity to your home, produce to your supermarket, and makes sure the bridges you drive across don’t collapse. And yet, the U.S. infrastructure is in such a terrible state.

We’re driving on roads with more potholes than safety features. Our pipes are decaying, allowing poisons to seep into our water supply. And our public transportation is held together by band-aids and rubber bands with no lasting effect for permanent upgrades or innovative change.

This is unacceptable. We must take steps to repair these infrastructure networks.

And we shouldn’t stop there. We must take steps to expand our infrastructure to better serve people’s needs. A good place to start would be the rail network, from commuter lines near large cities to long-distance rail.

An expanded high-speed electric rail network would take cars off the road, reduce our dependence on fossil fuels, and revitalize towns across Kansas. The efforts at expansion would create thousands of quality infrastructure-boosting jobs in exactly those parts of our country where they are most needed. What’s more, with today’s technology will climate-changing pollution will be reduced as we increase access for all Americans. In this way, more people in more places have the opportunity to live the American dream in healthy environments. This should be a priority for Kansas and the whole country. It certainly is one for Chris Haulmark.

Campaign Finance Reform

The Supreme Court’s “Citizens United” decision put money on the same level as speech. This has allowed foreign money and lobbyists to influence American politics unchecked, while making it near impossible for us voting citizens to be heard by our elected representatives.

We must combat this. Now, some channels are currently closed to us. We can’t enact legislation that infringes on Supreme Court’s decision, for instance. For this legislation would immediately be overturned.

Still, there are options available to help us create a more open and inclusive democracy. For example, We:

  1. Establish the 28th Amendment to the US Constitution, mandating equitable publicly-funded term-limited federal elections, offices, and judiciaries; as well abolishing slavery as punishment for a crime for once and for all.
  2. Require media outlets to provide equal access and equal time to every candidate on a ballot.
  3. Demand politicians reject money from special interest Political Action Committees (PACs) and corporate lobbyists.
  4. Push for transparent campaign finance disclosure, especially in social media and advertising.
  5. Use impartial redistricting formulas to eliminate political gerrymandering through a 29th Amendment to the Constitution.

My Promise

As your Congressman, I pledge to bring back individual service for the people in Washington. My office will always be open to you, offering whatever help needed to achieve the promise of America. I know how hard-working, talented, and diverse the people of Kansas Third Congressional District are. You deserve someone who will work for you.

Together, we can do so much! We can enact smart, reasonable solutions that serve everyone. We can rebuild and protect the middle class, as well as our clean air, water, and environment. We can demand accountability in Washington.

America is stronger than the problems facing it. Let us not steer by the stars but toward them.

All you need to do is Believe.